Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter is finally here!

I am trying to get some what caught up with the Jensen's. Easter really wasn't too big this year. Saturday we had our neighbor Easter Egg hunt which is awesome becasue it too is age specific, and every kid recieves a big toy when all the eggs are found. Plus, there are always yummy treats for the adults! Madi didn't get involved with the actual hunt for eggs, but MaCrae was more than happy to share, until he found out there was candy inside. In fact, Mac was all over the egg hunt this year. But wouldn't you know, I forgot my camera. Then we went over to my in-laws and colored eggs. Thanks Cindie, because I really didn't want to make that mess at home. Sunday morning I lead a trail from Mac's door to the living room where the Easter bunny left their baskets of goodies. And every year I forget how small and how little those baskets actually hold. And the hit of the day was Madi's talking tea set. SO CUTE! I wasn't even going to do anything for Madi until I found this adorable Easter basket, and the tea set. I even bought 2 dresses for Madi, and actually neither one fit. Both were size 12 Months and the neck of the dress was almost to her belly! But hey, more to wear another day!Madi is totally a daddies girl! We can be playing and having a great time, but if daddy walks int he room, bye-bye Madi. That's okay with me, as long as she wants to dance!! (And you think i'm joking!!) These pictures are not from Easter, but I thought they were cute anyway. This is MaCrae's attempt to learn to skate. My mom gave him the skates for Christmas, and he has no problem on the carpet, but the hardwood floor is not so easy. Ryan got tired of pulling him around, I didn't want to do it, so I came up with the brilliant idea to use Madi's walker! Brilliant. But thank goodness for the helmet and knee/elbow pads. They were much needed.
I thought this picture was pretty darn cute of Mac and Madi riding scooters around the house. Madi is now officially walking. She is not fast, and can't make it all the way across the room without having some balance checks, but she thinks she is pretty funny when she does. Not a moment too soon, since her 1st birhtday is next week. Mac was running marathons at this age! Thanks Madi for taking it slow. But really scary story: Madi has also just mastered going up and down stairs. Almost overnight, and has become obcessed with them. Well, I didn't even think to mention this to her daycare, and she fell down a full flight of stairs! And the only reason she didn't hit the tile directly at the bottom is becasue she was holding a pair of Lolo's pajama's. It's a good thing Ryan picked them up that eveing, becasue I would not have been a pleasant mother to deal with. I am just SO THANKFUL that she did not get hurt. We are so LUCKY, it could have been a lot worse. But now the daycare and our home has gates to keep this little worm away.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

California in a nutshell

I am about 3 weeks behind, but I don't have many free moments! We had so much fun, thank you Kaitlin and Melissa for letting me join you. This was the 4 of us (my mom, me, my niece Kaitlin, and my sister-in-law Melissa) at the airport ready to leave.Our trip was full of shopping, great food, and lots of cheerleading. The next picture was Kaitlin and I before we headed out for a fun night at Bubba Gumps. I found some awesome boutique shops and had a hard time saying "no" to all the fun clothes. I should be posting a picture of my new purse. It is SO cute, and SO me. Congrats to Kaitlin and her cheerleading group, they took 1st, but of course, we didn't expect anything less. They had 2 days of competition. Kaitlin is such an amazing performer. I really enjoyed watching you. Your awesome.
Kaitlin's team 2nd day of competition

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have been SO busy since coming home from Long Beach. (I will post pics later). I have been working extra days at work to get caught up from vacation, Easter came and went, and I have to keep the house clean all the time because it is on "the market" and we have had quite a few looks so far. Anyway, the point of this post is to give a shout out to everyone who might be expecting a baby girl, or knows someone who is having a baby girl. Some of you know that I went WAY overboard with Madi's wardrobe. I think I have become addicted to shopping for baby girl clothes. So I have storage bins full of summer clothes from last year that I am looking to get rid of. I spent way too much money, and thought I could sell them on e-bay, but after taking a few pictures I thought it was going to be way too much work. So PLEASE pass the word aroung, that if anyone is looking to get some great deals on baby girl clothes, I have TOO MANY. Probably a quarter of the clothes are still brand new with tags. And I don't think she wore anything more than 2 maybe 3 times. With the beautiful weather today, I dug out her new summer wardrobe, which is already too much! So I have sizes 0-12 months available. Talk about one-stop shopping! Most of the clothing is gymboree and gap. With lots of Carters and some Old Navy and Ralph Lauren. I also cleaned out Mac's closet too, but he wears his clothes more than she does, so I will just donate them, if someone needs them!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I just thought I would let everyone know that my family is still here, and days are going by faster than ever. The kids are growing up so fast I can barely believe it. My little girl is almost 1 year old!! WE have been trying so hard to get Mac potty trained, but I swear Madi will get there before he does. We have now tried just about everything. Lolo (his daycare mommy) has been working really hard with him too, we even send him in big boy underwear with extra pairs, and things are just not working. I kid you not, we feel like we are at a dead end, so any advice is welcome. I also wanted to ask a special favor of everyone: pray for my husband and kids! I am flying out to Long Beach tomorrow with my mom and sister-in-law for a national cheerleading competition, and the kids are staying at home with daddy. Ryan is even taking Friday and Monday off to be home with the kids. I love them, and will miss them dearly, but I am so excited for this vacation. I hope to take lots of pictures and let you know how things go. (Only bad part about the trip is the flying. I am a terrible flyer and will have to take a xanax and dramamine to basically keep me sedated for the flight!!) Well, I guess I should really get off the computer and start packing!