Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday MaCrae!

MaCrae turned 3 on Valentine's Day, and WOW what a day! MaCrae wanted a Thomas the Train party. So I went to Toy'r R Us and bought what ever I could of Thomas: Table clothe, plates, cups, but let me tell you, apparently Thomas is popular. They were almost sold out of eveything. So I went to get the supplies to make a train cake and ended up ordering a Thomas cake from Wal-mart. It turned out SO cool. BUT, Saturday morning I took the kids down to Idaho Falls to pick up the cake and ended up coming home LATE to his birhtday party. (I stopped at Baby Gap to pick up few things for Madi, and they have some CUTE new lines out, and it took me a lot longer, and lot more $$ to get out of there.) So we show up to his party 20 minutes late and Ryan can smell poop. Yeah, my kids have NEVER had a blow out until Saturday. MaCrae has been on antibiotics for an ear infection and it must have made him a little sick. So then, MaCrae spends the next 15 minutes in the tub getting cleaned up. So, by the time Ryan got him dressed I was running around getting pop out to drink, and pizza out of the oven. I forgot to take a picture of my Thomas get-up! Not so happy about that, but he did have a good birthday. And yes, despite a birthday party and crazy madness we also had a good Valentine's day.

Last Friday MaCrae had his 1st Valentine's party. And I totally spaced it until Thursday night! And of course Ryan was out of town, so we ended up going to Broulim's to get Valentine's. And let me tell you, there was not much a selection left! We got Spiderman cards (which he has never even seen Spiderman cards, but was still pretty excited about them.) He even had to take one to bed! But he had a great party and both kids made me a frosted sugar cookie w/sprinkles! Score one for me!!