Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I can't believe how fast time is going, and that spring is here (kind of), with summer just around the corner! Yeah, not a moment too soon!! This last week I took MaCrae and Madison for their check ups. So I thought I should FINALLY post about the kids. MaCrae gets more creative every day. Last Saturday I turned on cartoons for MaCrae while I showered. Well, MaCrae never lays on the couch. When I think about it, you don't see MaCrae lay down hardly ever, anywhere. He is always walking around pushing a car or train around, even while watching t.v. So when I saw the bed he made on my coffee table I laughed to myself so hard. What an amazing boy. He truely is such a smart kid. He is finally talking in full sentances, and says some of the darndest things! This was our conversation Tuesday morning:
MaCrae laying in my bed watching cartoons as I get ready for work in my bathroom.
Me: "Mac, are you ready to go to day care today!" (I like to get him pumped up in
the mornings!)
Mac: "No, I stay home today"
Me: "Oh yeah, what are you going to do by your self all day, mommy has to go to
Mac: "No, you stay home from work, MaCrae watching tv today"
I can always tell if he is being shy or in a bad mood becasue he starts to mumble his words almost to the point I can't understand him. He definantley keeps me on my toes! Lucky for me he didn't need any shots at his 3 year check up because he wanted nothing to do with the Dr. He had to get undressed for the Dr and he REALLY didn't like that. But he is now weighing in at 28.4 lbs and just shy of 3 feet tall. His feet seem to be growing though, so there is still hope! But there is not dought these 2 cute kids are brother and sister. Madison weighed in at a whopping 15 lbs. and 27" tall! She will be lucky to double her birth weight by 1!! I seriously wish I still had her metabolism becasue she eats like a stinkin horse!
And Madison, my sweet little girl has actually been a true stinker the last few weeks. She has been cutting teeth, and WOW, has she been miserable to be around. She is such a quite and content baby, and all of a sudden she has been living off Mortin, Tylenol, and screams! Then just this last Tuesday her teeth finally break through and she is back to her sweet, smiley self. She is getting around a lot faster these days, and has to pull her self up on just about everything. She is always trying to stand up on toys, that end up falling over on her. And the cutest thing yet, she tries to roll balls back and forth with Mac. So funny! It's hard to believe she is only a few days shy of 10 months! Madi had to get 1 shot at the dr's because aparently one of her previous shots had gotten out of temperature range, and they don't know if it worked properly. So of course, she got a shot, while she was already miserable from her teething! Let me tell you, it has been one heck of a week!