Thursday, January 31, 2008

I love you Ryan

What is his name? Ryan O. Jensen Jr.
How long have you been married? 4 years, 3 months, and 7 days
Who long did you date? 6 months, tried being engaged for another 6, couldn't do it, got married 2 months early!
How old is he? 28
How old are you? 25
Who eats more sweets? That is a tough question, we both have a sugar tooth
Who said I love you first? I told him that I would never use the word "love" unless I really meant it (after the heart ache I went through in a previous serious realtionship, for those who know!!) But one night before leaving his apartment I wrote it on his sticky pad next to his bed and left it on his pillow. He called up after taking me home to ask if it meant what he thought. I said yes, and then he told me he loved me too and was just dying to say it. So technically it was him, but I started it!
Who is taller? Him, I don't think I could be with someone shorter than me, sorry
Who can sing better? I think we are both pretty bad, but I won't admit it to him, I just sing extra loud in the car to bug him!
Who is smarter? That is a hard one, we both are very smart, just at different things. That's what makes us a great couple.
Who does the laundry? I always wash and dry the clothes, but sometimes when I don't have time or I don't want to fold the clothes, I put them on our bed so he has to help me if we want to go to bed. Clever, I know!
Who does the dishes? I do most of the time, but he will help out if I make him feel guilty. I just want him to offer to do the dishes, but when it comes down to it, I like to do them myself.
Who pays the bills? Me. He makes it, I spend it.
His guilty pleasure? Pepsi and John Wayne movies
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Him
Who mows the lawn? I usually do, I actually enjoy it. A riding mower is actually fun.
Besides you, who is his best friend? his dad
Who cooks dinner? Me, if I tell him it's his turn to cook, he asks where I want the take out from!
Who drives? Him, I have to agree that I too think it is funny when a woman drives the man. Who is more stubborn? Me, it's not that I'm being stubborn, it's just that I'm right!! J/K
Who kissed who first? He kissed me....and there were some serious fire works going off. Kid you not, I saw them. I knew from that kiss he was the one.
Who asked who out first? I'm old fashioned, the man has to make the first move.
What was your first date? First real date was a dozy. We were suppose to go with friends to a hockey game, which didn't happen so we ended up going to see "The Ring". Ryan hated it and wanted to leave, but I wanted to finish the movie. So much for that night. We both thought our chances of a second date where slim to none. That first kiss I thought I would be getting at the end of the night, way out of the question. We were lucky just to hold hands!
Who proposed? Him, once again, old fashioned!
Who has more siblings? Him (5 girls and 1 brother)
Who wears the pants? Depends on the moment. He is pretty easy going, and lets me do just about anything, but he has to put his foot down occasionally.
What is your favorite thing about him? Heavens, I love him so much. He is a great worker, amazing father, and looks pretty dang good in his jeans!! Seriously, I love just about everything about him. We compliment each other so well.

Okay, so tag your it...Nicole, Stevie, Natalie, Jenny, and who ever else reads this. It's almost Valentine's Day, let's hear about your hubbies.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just got done looking through blogs of so many new babies. They are all so dang cute. It takes me back to being in the hospital with Mac and being home for the first few days with him. How wonderful those little babies are. It makes me wish these next 3 months would hurry and go by. I hope all of you girls that are pregnant are doing well. I swear, this last week my body has been calorie starving! Must be, because I can't help but eat EVERYHTING in site. Like it or not. My butt is not liking it, but Madison sure is. And let me tell you what ladies, I had a massage this afternoon, and wow! everyone needs to do this while pregnant. I have not been that comfortable in a long time. Not only did it make my body feel amazing, but my whole attitude has been changed. I have been smiling this evening for no reason at all. And let me tell you, that hasn't happened much with this pregnancy. I have to thank my mom for this massage, as it was a birthday present. They don't get much better than that. Well, life is moving fast. so I better get on with things. Bye-bye for now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rexburg Temple

Friday night Ryan and I had the chance to go through the Rexburg Temple with good friends Steff and Tim! And everyone who has been there can agree that it is absolutely beautiful. The chandaliers, WOW! Even though there were so many people, and so much talking, it was such an awesome feeling. It was funny however that in the creation room, way up on the upper white trim, Ryan spotted a hand print. Look for it if you haven't been yet and are going. I am sure it will be fixed, but it's something to keep your eye out for. And the cookies at the recpetion after, wonderful. Thanks Broulim's for such yummy treats. It makes me miss scouts, becasue I was a Weblos assistant to Jennifer Broulim, and she always had the best treats. Anyway, the temple was so beautiful, and at night when it is all lit up, it takes your breath away. How blessed am I to have 2 temples within 15 miles of me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Years with the Gortons

Kaitlin, Grandpa (my dad), and Mac
What a hottie!
MaCrae and I being pulled by Grandpa, little hard the behind!
We spent a 4-day weekend with my family this New Years. And for those of you who know my family well, we had so much fun. Us Gorton's tend to get a little crazy at night. We spent the first day sledding up by Boggus Basin (a ski resort). Then left the kids with a babysitter and went out to dinner and a movie. New Years Eve was a blast. We went over to my parent's church house and played basketball and volleyball, and ate until we couldn't eat anymore. We had so much fun and wore the kids out. So we went home, put them to bed, and stayed up to ring in the new year. I love my family so much, and miss them aleady.


Mac would not sit on Santa's lap at the Jensen Christmas Eve Party, so we let him open his train set, and persuaded him to pose for a candy cane. Once he had the train set he couldn't stop telling Santa about it.
Christmas morning was a little tough for our family. 6:30 is not a good time to wake up a toddler that normally sleeps in until 8. Next year I think the presents can wait! However, he loved his 4 wheeler.
I just had to get Mac a marker/chalk board for Christmas. What I didn't realize is that Dry Erase Markers stain!!! And they are so smelly! As much as he loved the easal, I had to take the markers away, and just barely, today, found some erasable, non-smelling, dry erase markers!! Yeah!
And of course, the least expensive gift always wins! This $5 T-ball set was the hit of Christmas morning. For all you baseball lovers, I think we have ourselves a natural.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A-Z About Me...

Saw this on a Annalee's I thought I would do it goes...

A..Attached or Single: Attached, and can't imagine life without Ryan
B..Best Friend: My husband of course
C..Cake or Pie: Cake, any kind except yellow with chocolate frosting!
D..Day of Choice: Any day that involves spending time with family
E..Essential Item: sugar! don't think I could function without it
F..Favorite Color: Depends on what it's for, no color fits everything.
G..Gummy Bears or Worms: Both please, that means double the candy!!
H..Hometown: Rexburg, ID
I..Indulgences: Candy, I told ya, I have a sweet tooth
J..January or July: definately July! I love the weather and the fun summer activities
K..Kids: MaCrae (2 on V-day) and Madison (expecting in May!!).
L..Life is incomplete without: Family and friends
M.. Marriage Date: October 24, 2003
N..Number of Siblings: 5; George, Becky, Jennifer, Jeff, Jon, and ME!
O..Oranges or Apples: Crunchy apple or ripe orange
P..Phobias: I hate being alone at night! and icy roads
Q.. Quote: "Reality can only be as big as your dreams."
R..Reasons to Smile: MaCrae!
S..Season: I love each season, becasue they are all so differnet, yet wonderful.
T..Tag others: Everyone who reads this! I'll be checking your blogs!!
U..Unknown fact about me: I'm not a fan of going to the movies. I would much rather watch a movie at home!
V..Vegitarian or Meat eater: Normally a vegitarian, but with this pregnancy, it is all about the red meat! Call my crazy!
W..Worst Habit: Shopping because feel sad
X..X-rays: Let's just say I have broken quite a few bones! Bad luck I guess.
Y..Your Favorite Food: Olive garden breadsticks and salad, can never get enough.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a Girl!

We are so excited to let everyone know that we are having a baby GIRL!! I had a feeling it was a girl, but it is almost like comforting to know for sure. Before the nurse started the ultrasound, I was shaking and their were butterflies in my tummy. Then the nurse had to do all the measurements before she would tell me and I was getting very impatient. After she confirmed what I already knew, I enjoyed getting to know her (my baby) a little more. This ultrasound was so much better that with Mac. I could actually see what the nurse was talking about. I am still giddy with excitement. And Ryan is really excited too. I think he was really happy, because he has been in the bestest mood all day! Atleast if we decide that 2 kids is right for us, we can have our boy and girl! I don't think I have enough sanity for more than 2. Well, I am a little slow on my Christmas and New Year's posts. But I have to share the computer with Ryan because he is trying to get registered for classes, so stay tuned, there will be more to come.