Saturday, May 23, 2009


So I can't beleive my little girl is already 1 year old! This last year really has gone by SUPER fast. Since Madi's birthday feel on Mother's Day this year, we celebrated on Saturday. Despite the emotions and struggles getting things ready for the party, everything turned out very well. And I have to say, we only got Madi one toy, since she would be getting more toys from everyone else, and it was perfect. I tend to go way over board buying presents at birthday's and Christmas, and I was very happy with her birhtday. She really didn't need anything to start with, so I don't feel guilty about not buying lots of toys that will be forgotten a week down the road. Plus Madi didn't open any of her own gifts. MaCrae opened the gifts while Madi climbed all over this box! I know the joke is, we should just buy them a box, maybe one of these days someone will actually do and save themselves a lot of money!
This is Madi's before bathtime hairdo after pig-tails all day. Apparently I use to much hair spray, or something!

Monday, May 18, 2009


So I am sure I am the last one to actually buy a Bumbles watch, but I have wanted one for the longest time now. I was invited to a party like last summer/fall and could not make it, and had no idea where in the world to buy one. So I finally found a store that actually carries them, and I want them ALL!! They are so cute, love them. So, after much consideration I have decided to have a party. I am a terrible host, mainly because I forget to tell everyone. So here I am telling you. The party is actually at my office "XXXXX" Tuesday May 19 at 12:30 to 2. So if you want to come check them out in person, PLEASE come and stop by, even to say "hi". If you can't come, check them out online and let me know what you want. The pictures don't do them justice, and those who have them know. They are adorable. Sorry for the short notice, but I would LOVE to see you stop by and check them out!