Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So I have not been a very good blogger, but none of you can really complain, becasue I think it has been a very busy summer all round, and all of our blogs have suffered. No thanks to facebook as well! MaCrae had the hardest time building up courage to go down Grandma Cindie's water slide. But once I did he would stay on it for hours, literally.
I was trying so hard to get a picture of MaCrae and myself, and this is the best that I could get. MaCrae is not happy unless he gets to be the photographer.

My mom and I went to Wal-mart and loaded up on craft items to do some "projects" to keep Mac entertained. This was his 1st rocketship. So fun, thanks Karissa for the idea.

My kids winding down a long day together. There is something about a sleeping bag to kids that makes laying down sound like a fun idea.

My handsome college boy! That's right. Last week Ryan started his first day back to college down at ISU. He will graduate next year w/his finance degree and from there he will either keep going for his accounting degree or find an amazing job with a huge paycheck!!

Once again, Madi likes to shred her clothing. Actually, her clothes got completely drenched at a family reunion so as I laid them in the sun to dry she decided that this would also be a great place to park herself and eat a snow cone! Funny thing, I think I have more pictures of her with no clothes this summer, than with!!
Rigby lake. Madison is such a water dog. No matter where we are, or what she could be dressed in, if there is any water she will find a way to splash in it, and sit down in it. MaCrae loves the water, but it takes him a lot longer to feel comfortable in it than Madi.

I am sorry for all you sensitive set of eyes, but I thought this picture was hilarious. MaCrae will drop his draws and pee ANYWHERE! Hey, atleast his is potty trained. About 1 month ago we had a graduation party for MaCrae (graduating from his sippy cup) and it has had such an amazing impact on him. He hasn't started eating a whole lot better, but he was able to be completely potty trained within a week. He doesn't even wet the bed! At first he still struggled when Madi was still allowed to have a sippy, and even starting calling himself a little girl, so I just threw them all away and he has not had a problem since.

Madison trying to play peek-a-boo with her sippy and a cup. This is such a cute age, when they try so hard to mimick everything you do.

The reason I am SO nervous for family pictures this Friday. My kids can never want pose for the camera. This was a quick attempt to practice, and we failed. Please remember us in your prayers and hopefully I will have some proofs to post early next week.

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JeffandAngel said...

Thanks for updating! It is cool to see all the pics, even though I was actually there for most of them, weird! Hope you are all adjusting to Ryan going to school, I know how hard it can be and you feel like a single mom a lot but it will totally be worth it. Support him the best you can and it will all work out!