Monday, December 7, 2009


I have not downloaded any new pictures in a LONG time (I think they got down loaded on Ryan's computer!), but I thought I would let you know what we have been up to.

Ryan went back to ISU to finish his finance degree. I want him to finish, and do well, so we have decided to survive on my income and student loans. And let me tell you what, it is a lot harder than I anticipated. The begining of October I had a nervous breakdown!! And you think I am kidding, but it is so hard being the sole provider, a wife, and mother who actually does things that mothers should do, a maid, a cook.... you get the point. So really, from October on I have been on survival mode.

For Halloween we carved pumpkins and I made my first batch of baked Pumpkin Seeds! And they were not that bad. Madison dressed up as a witch. At trunk-or-treat Ryan referred to as not a witch but "the witch"! I know it sounds mean, but this little red head can throw a mean temper-tantrum! MaCrae wanted to be a lion, and it took about 3 days (every lunch break I had) to find a Lion costume. But he was so happy, and looked like the cutest lion ever!

Thanksgiving was wonderful. A nice break from work and stress. We spent Thanksgiving with my parents and my oldest brother's family. Perfect! His kids are old enough to entertain my kids for hours and hours. Friday, while I was at New Moon (shocker that I went, yes, but I really thought it was good!) Ryan noticed something odd with Madison's right thumb. It was bent funny. So Saturday as soon as we got home, we called out Pedatrician, took MaCrae to play with his cousins, and had Madi's hand examined. They sent us over the EIRMC for x-rays, and we were really worried. Because Madi is so young, she did not hold still enough to take a really good x-ray, so they could not tell if it was dislocated or broken! So Monday we met with an Orthopedic surgeon and found out she has "Trigger Thumb"!! I won't mention the Dr's name we went to, but I was not very impressed, in fact he openly came out and said he had never done this surgrey on someone as small as Madison. HECK NO!! My daughter will not be his experiment, so I cancelled the surgrey after many people reconfimed my fears with bad stories. Today we meet with a local plasitc surgeon, and have 100% confidence that this will go well! I was kind of hoping to get a 2-for-1 consult (Tummy tuck, Breast agmuntation, and Liposuction!!) but I felt this was not the right time. :) Can't blame a girl for wanting!!

So, Ryan is studying hard for finals next week, and I cannot afford to shop anymore, so I thought I would blog. Who knew the internet had something other than to shopping!!! I have come to the conclusion that I make a terrible poor person! This to shall come to pass. Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

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angie said...

I feel that sometimes financial burdens bring out the best in us, and sometimes the worst. I am sure yours will bring out the best!

A few more things...

Where do you work?

Let me know how your consultation goes, this girl is a wanting too ;)

It was great to hear what you guys are up to. Good luck with everything!